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Our 1500mg bottle is 100% Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract infused with MCT oil, and Lemon Cake Terpenes. Full Spectrum consists of the whole hemp plant (over 100 different cannabinoids) resulting in an “Entourage Effect.”  Our bodies always respond better to whole food sources. MCT oil promotes maximum absorption, while the lemon cake terpenes aid in focus. Depending on the dosage,  benefits include stress relief, taming of inflammation and pain, increased cognitive function, and a good night’s sleep.

Our 1500mg bottles contain 30 servings of 50mg of Hemp Extract. We suggest guests take 25-50mg in the morning for focus and brain cognition and 50-100mg at night for relaxation, pain relief, and deep sleep.

We highly recommend only consuming the products we have prepared for you along with lots of water. Stay away from all coffee and tea as even some organic brands contain toxins that can alter your experience. This is the time to let your digestive system rest, so in order to reap the most benefits from your cleanse, refrain from consuming any food.

Did you know that up to 80% of your total daily energy expenditure happens in your digestive system? When you give your digestive system a break, your body has the chance to heal and detoxify at its deepest cellular level. Cleansing is an easy way for your body to assimilate nutrients while at the same time allowing your digestive system to rest. Benefits include clearer skin, better mental clarity, improved digestion, better sleep, weight loss, elevated immune system, and overall sense of well-being. Although, it’s not just the physical benefits you gain from cleansing, but the overall mindset shift to “I have the mental strength to do this,” that will help you jumpstart long-term healthy lifestyle choices.

From the quality of ingredients to the functional lineup of products, each cleanse has been designed for a transformational experience. All of our products are 100% organic, cold-pressed, and packed full of potent nutrients. This is not your average “juice-only” cleanse. Yes, green detoxifying juices are great for releasing stored toxins, but it’s super important to have a good source of protein and fat during your cleanse to shuttle these toxins out of the body. Our cleanses provide all of the essential nutrients you will need in order to detox properly without many of the negative symptoms that can occur with a “juice-only” cleanse. We have built our lineups to include an adaptogenic morning tonic, a recovery drink, our in-house made bone broth, and one of our mylks or shakes, to aid in the removal of toxins and leave you feeling restored.

We recommend cleansing monthly to support a lifestyle of healthy detox, rest, and recovery. Cleansing quarterly and supplementing in between with a Juice ‘Til Dinner is also a great option! Bottom line, one cleanse every year or so will give your body a great reset, but will not sustain the major detox benefits like weight loss, mental clarity, decreased inflammation, and increased energy that occur when cleansing more frequently.

AIP stands for Autoimmune Protocol. This diet eliminates ingredients that may cause an inflammatory response, allergic response, or immune response. This includes dairy, gluten, grains, nightshades, chocolate, refined sugars, coffee, and nuts and seeds. Following this Autoimmune Protocol will offer your body a much needed gut reset. In order to keep vibing on a high frequency, we can’t have extra inflammation or immune system stress keeping us from reaching our true potential! AIP promotes a lifestyle full of energy and vitality.

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