Chaga + Elderberry Box

Chaga + Elderberry Box

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A match made in wild superfood heaven. Antiviral, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antistress & off the charts in antioxidants. This pair is highly supportive for anyone battling cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, viral infection and/or EMFs. In short, we all need this to combat the endless toxic barrage that our bodies endure daily.


ingredients: wild Alaskan chaga tea

nutrition: 0 cals • g carbs • 0g sugar • 0g protein • 0g fat

consume: within 30 days

Elderberry Syrup

ingredients: elderberry, camu camu, local honey, cinnamon, chaga, reishi, clove

nutrition (per serving): 33 cals • 9g carbs • 8g sugar • 0g protein • 0g fat

34 servings

consume: within 30 days

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Chaga + Elderberry Box

Chaga + Elderberry Box


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