Navigating Frequency Sickness

Our world has become dominated by technology, and many of us find ourselves battling an ailment that transcends the physical realm- what I call frequency sickness.

A Personal Journey & the Healing Power of HI-VIBE

The most common symptoms are headaches, nausea, anxiety, sleep issues and chronic fatigue.  But other symptoms are even more unnerving: things like hair loss, thyroid or metabolic dysfunction, chest/neck tightness, metallic or loss of taste, burning sensation in nostrils or loss of smell and increase in food sensitivities- most commonly histamine intolerance. While these have all become more common, they are not normal.

In my opinion & experience, these symptoms are linked to non-native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMFs) and their pervasive influence on our well-being.

Discussing nnEMFs is uncomfortable for many due to widespread suppression and propaganda discrediting any mention of the dangers associated with microwave radiation.

Victoria & I have personally battled many of these symptoms and feel a duty to share what we’ve learned- to help empower others that seek relief and a deeper understanding.

These symptoms are often linked to non-native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMFs) and their influence on our well-being.

The Culprits: Things to Avoid/Mitigate

To address frequency sickness, minimize or steer clear of common contributors such as:

• Cell Phone Use: Especially streaming videos and excessive scrolling.

• WiFi: Limit exposure & turn off when possible.

• AirPods: Use wired headphones instead.

• Caffeine: Reduce your intake by opting for matcha rather than coffee.

• Television: Drastically reduce consumption.

• Dense/Fatty Foods: Opt for lighter, easier to digest nutrient-dense while foods like fruits & vegetables.

• Large Crowds: Where numerous cell phones & electronics intensify nnEMFs.

Embracing the Remedies: Things to Include in Your Routine

Combatting frequency sickness involves embracing practices that promote overall well-being:

• Grounding: Connect with the earth to balance your energy.

• Meditation: Tune out chaotic frequencies and connect with your spirit.

• Sunshine: Enjoy natural light & its healing properties.

• Chaga: Incorporate this medicinal mushroom into your routine, as it detoxifies & protects our cellular dna.

• Raw Juice: Experience the healing power of nutrient-dense juices.

• Fresh Produce: Prioritize a diet rich in fresh, whole foods.

• Detox Baths: Cleanse your body and promote relaxation.

• Chill Pills: Our potent blend of 400+ phytocompounds derived from hemp oil.

• Deep Sleep: Prioritize rest for overall well-being.

Extra emphasis on meditation as we've found it provides amazing relief from headaches & other symptoms. I believe this is because it's like changing the channel on your inner antenna (pineal gland)- tuning out the physical realm & chaotic frequencies and into your spirit. Trust me- it works!

The Healing Journey: HI-VIBE 60 and Rapid Ascension

We're living in an amazing time of rising consciousness & higher vibration. But in order to adapt & thrive we need to be in action to elevate our body, mind & spirit.

That's why we created HI-VIBE 60 (HV60), a transformative 9-week program designed for those ready to embark on a journey of radical healing and rapid ascension. It's the fastest track to radical healing, rapid ascension into higher vibration & consciousness.

While the idea of higher consciousness and vibration may seem esoteric (or “woo-woo”) to some, I get it. A few short years ago I would have too. But having personally undergone the transformative journey, these profound changes that occur when one commits to elevating every aspect of their life are REAL.

In the midst of rising consciousness, adapting and thriving require the necessary work for both body and spirit. Feeling gratitude for everything (even the pain) & knowing that you are taken care of by a higher power is a beautiful way to live every day.

So if you're ready to take the plunge into a life of elevated vitality and consciousness- we're here to support and guide you every step of the way.

HI-VIBE 60 Testimonials

  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  

    "The weight loss (20 lbs) is great… but the person that I’ve come out of this as after 9 weeks is totally different. Being able to recenter myself in the rat race we live in is mind blowing."

    ~Tamika E.

  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  

    "This experience was beyond transformative. I feel 100% better than I have since I was in my 20s- and I’m 55 right now."

    ~Brian Jenkins

  • star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  

    "I’m seeing muscles I haven’t seen in 10 years. Changes both mentally & physically- detoxifying old habits, and 100 pounds of mental weight I needed to release. I started feeling this almost euphoric feeling."

    ~Nicole Jenkins

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