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3 Ways to Raise Your Vibe

Whether you’re looking to heal, recover, or level up, we’ve got a solution for you.

Reset with a cleanse.

3 or 4 days of the highest quality ingredients in their most impactful & readily absorbed forms will have you feeling your absolute best!


Optimize every day.

We've put together our favorite combinations for every occasion or intention. All you have to do is consume, enjoy and feel great.


Stock your favorites.

Already know what you love? Build an order of all your favorites so great health is always within arm’s reach.


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The Power of Commitment

Health is not about single massive actions, but about making consistent small improvements on the daily.

You wouldn't expect to hit your fitness goals after a single epic day at the gym, right? 😉

A HI-VIBE subscription allows you to tailor your commitment to your goals - whether that means a monthly cleanse, a weekly Curated Box, or a custom order - so that your aspiration of good health can turn into a reality.

AIP // Gut Reset Cleanse

Unlike anything else out there, our most popular option is our flagship AIP cleanse. Monthly 3-4 day cleanses yeild the best success.


Immunity Box

Our Immunity Box provides two full days of intense anti-viral & immune support. Perfect for a weekly boost during the winter months.


Just want to give a big thanks to Hi-Vibe for this 3 day cleanse! I felt light yet still energetic the whole time. I was able to focus during work and crush workouts because I felt satisfied and satiated! Now that it’s over, I find myself not wanting to run to a big celebratory meal like I thought I would. It really made me get in touch with my hunger cues and what ingredients make me feel nourished. Worth every penny. Thanks again!

Katie Bodkin

Best juicery and superfoods bowls and shakes. They have amazing snack an products for every type of life style and diet type.

Did the AIP Detox and so far has been the greatest option, all the benefits of a detox without feeling it hard to accomplish. Love love love <3

Jessie Cruz

Staff was fantastic to speak to before starting the cleanse, and the daily check-in texts were also helpful for keeping me on track. I slept great, felt energized, lost a few lbs very quickly, and definitely recommend the 3-day for anyone who wants to give cleansing a try. The matcha and Kinetic Lemonade were my faves, so tasty! Thanks, HI-VIBE team!

Courtney Q

There is no better juice bar in the city. Believe me, I go to them all. The products speak for themselves. Staff is suppler friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about the products. They’re consistent with the quality they deliver. They are my go-to when I feel I need to recharge my immune system, need a cleanse, or just want to eat healthy. They have an answer for EVERYTHING! Pharmaceutical companies beware: they are slanging health/wealth by the ounce. #YKTFV 😉

Eddie Lopez

If I could, I would live off of HI-VIBE! They use the highest quality organic ingredients. Believe me, you can taste the difference! If you are looking to boost your immune system, fuel your body, or just have a delicious healthy treat, HI-VIBE is the place to go!!

Nicole Barth

This place is unreal, the quality is top notch and they have endless variety!! wow. so amazed. fresh, organic and wholesome food :) so happy to see Chicago have a raw juice place!! you will not be disappointed if you go here! coconut jerky is a must as are all the green juice varieties!!

Michelle V

I’m so happy I’m not just drinking a bunch of sweet fruit juice like other juice companies. HI-VIBE’s product is clearly different, almost like holistic meds in tasty liquids.

Carol S

Favorite spot for juice in Chicago. The staff couldn’t be more friendly and the owners are so helpful with any questions you have! The DOPA-mint matcha is a personal favorite, and you can’t go wrong with their cleanses for a nice healthy jumpstart!

Jenn D




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