Ready. Set. Reset.
Whether you want to flush toxins, shed weight, reset digestion or crush cravings, you’re just 3.5 days away from looking & feeling your best.
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Truly a Game Changer

Admittedly nervous about the 3.5 Day AIP cleanse. I was concerned I would fail, but the daily encouragement from the HI-VIBE crew kept both me & my wife motivated. We stayed on schedule, had great energy & felt satisfied & elevated at the close of each day. At the end, my wife & I had lost 6 & 8 pounds, respectively. We will do this at least once a quarter, no doubt.

AIP // Gut Reset

I Feel Like A New Person

If you’re undecided, just do it! This cleanse made me feel like a new person. I’m very passionate about health and fitness, and this was the perfect way to kickstart the next phase of my fitness journey this year. I was energized throughout the cleanse and never felt hungry. Plus, it helps that all the drinks are delicious! My faves were the Matcha Tonic and the Coconut Shake.

AIP // Gut Reset

Feeling Like I Was Shot Out of a Cannon

Day one was easy, two was hard, three I started to feel solid, and by day four I felt like I was shot out of a cannon. My energy level was off the charts & my focus was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Investing in yourself, your physical & mental health is so important, and this reset was exactly what I needed. Thanks to Nick & team- my vibration is high & staying there!

Jeffery W
AIP // Gut Reset

Best Cleanse I’ve Ever Tried

The BEST cleanse I have ever tried in my life!! I did a 4 day cleanse & genuinely didn’t feel hungry the whole time. Immediate results and bloating went down tremendously. The keto coffees were my favorite!!

KETO // Sugar Detox

Impressed & Energized

Wow- just wow. I can confidently say I made the right decision with the 4 day PHYTO cleanse. I feel lighter & clear headed, energy is HIGH & I truly feel like I’m operating on a higher vibration. If you’re nervous like I was- this is your sign to do it!! I recommend coming in with a positive mindset, staying busy & sticking to it! You got this!

PHYTO // Alkaline

Ready for Another Cleanse!

I did the AIP Gut Reset cleanse a month ago & I’m already ready to do another! I have more energy (even while managing 3 kids plus breastfeeding) when I’m cleansing than when I’m not. Every time I do a HI-VIBE cleanse, everything improves from sleep, to skin, to energy, milk supply & everything in between! If you’re looking for a sign to try one… this is it!

AIP // Gut Reset

My Go-To Cleanse

This became my go-to cleanse. I felt focused, less bloated & energized. While maintaining a consistent monthly cleanse routine over the past 11 months, 54 lbs have shed off my body & I haven't felt this good in decades! The support & love felt from the entire HI-VIBE Team is so motivating. I owe my healthy self to Nick & the crew. Cannot say THANK YOU enough!

AIP // Gut Reset Subscriber

Love the Results

More importantly than the weight loss (14 lbs in 4 days), is that all bloating went away, brain fog is gone, and I don’t have the afternoon crash anymore. I would highly recommend the AIP // Gut Reset. HI-VIBE’s attention to quality is above and beyond!

Jake P.
AIP // Gut Reset

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