The Detox Bath

A Powerful Recipe to get back to 💯.

These 3 easy to find ingredients level up bath time to relax, detox & heal.

During this Season of Sickness... 🤒

Symptoms this year seem to be just as miserable as they have been for the past 3.5 years.

The cause has everything to do with the device in your hand- the one w/ the poison 🍎 logo 👀

I point this out because microwave radiation (nnEMF) from cell phones, Wi-Fi & smart meters are wreaking havoc on our cells, leading to a waterfall of disease & dysfunction.

It’s also why the seasonal cold now includes concerning symptoms like intense headaches, insomnia, neck/back pain, loss of taste/smell, and even more alarming- metallic taste, burning sensation in nostrils and hypoxia- a lack of adequate oxygen in bloodstream.

Our entire household has recently battled this miserable cold using some unconventional methods. Here's how we've leveraged nature's most powerful tools to overcome it as quickly as possible.

The Detox Bath

This is a game changer for cleansing your body's aura or electromagnetic field.

1 c epsom salt

1/2 c borax powder

1/2 c baking soda

Simply add the above ingredients to a hot bath and soak your tension & sickness away. This combo helps to relax & detoxify the body.

We buy these ingredients in bulk and keep them under our bathroom sink so they're readily available when we need it.

Chaga Tea

Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-radiation as it has a unique ability to protect our cells from harm- this is why it's also great for fighting & preventing cancer. Drink it straight or sub it into your daily tonic or smoothie.

Chill Pills

Macro dose 100mg (2 caps) every 3-4 hours.

Also use topically on head/neck/back/shoulders to relieve tension, pain & to help you get restful sleep.

Kill Shot

To kill all that ails ~

Potent immunity, detoxification & anti-inflammatory support.

Elderberry Syrup

Our Hi-Vibe version of an ancient remedy.

Take it by the teaspoon, add to your chaga tea, or our fave- add to sparkling mineral water for a delicious seasonal + medicinal soda!

Immunity Package

Designed with everything you need for 2 full days of intense anti-viral + immunity support.