AIP // Gut Reset

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If you battle food allergies or intolerances, chronic inflammation, histamine, auto-immune, digestive and/or skin issues then this is the cleanse for you. Intended to serve as a 3-in-1 inflammation-soothing, gut-healing, elimination diet. We recommend a 4 day commitment, followed by a week of AIP-friendly foods before slowly & cautiously reintroducing your questionable foods.
  • 3 Days
  • 4 Days

Approx Daily Nutrition: 1085 cals • 98g carbs • 70g sugar • 28g protein • 28g fiber • 65g fat

*The AutoImmune Protocol removes all potentially inflammatory & autoimmune triggering foods such as: coffee, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, nightshades, dairy, eggs and chocolate

  • Cell Re
  • Adrenal Cocktail
  • AIP Matcha / Chaga
  • Dandy Detox
  • Coconut Greens
  • G-8
  • Club Beets
  • Get Right
  • Royal Purp
  • Holy Water
  • Activated Broth
  • Tiger Eye
  • Coconut Shake

Each day includes seven products (rotated daily), in place of meals. *Photo may not reflect exact product lineup.