PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse
PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse
PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse

PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse

Plant power for a deep digestive reset.

Flood your body with a full spectrum of high vibrational phytonutrients. You should expect to feel light, vibrant & balanced after completing this energizing cleanse.

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PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse

PHYTO // Alkaline Cleanse

What You Get

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Green cold-pressed juice bottle against a white background.

4x Break Fast

The ideal way to break your fast each morning.


2x Cell Re, 2x Purple Zinger

Top view of a cup of matcha tea with froth.

4x Ceremonial Tonics

Ceremonial Matcha laced with adaptogenic superfoods.


2x Vanilla Mane, Lionheart, DOPA-Mint

A bottle of Adrenal Sour cold-pressed juice with ingredients listed on the label.

4x Adrenal Cocktails

Our solution to get your hormones & energy back to 100.


2x Adrenal Dream, Adrenal Greens, Adrenal Sour

A green juice bottle listing its raw organic ingredients on the label.

4x Detox Greens

The phytonutrients & superfoods to keep you energized.


2x G-8, 2x Dandy Detox

A bottle of Hibiscus Punch with label listing tea, dragonfruit, pineapple, and orange against a white background.

4x Alkalizing Elixirs

Immune-boosting, energizing, alkalizing & delicious.


Heavenly, Get Right, Hibiscus Punch, Kill Shot

Stacked jars of Pink Dragon and Blue Pearl gel-o on a white background.

3x Gut Healing Snacks

Elevated superfood snacks to keep you satiated.


Cabbage Carrot Salad, Purple Sea Moss, Blue Sea Moss

Bottle of 'TIGER EYE' organic cold-pressed juice on a white background.

3x Dessert Shakes

Smooth, decadent, adaptogen-laced mylks & shakes.


Coconut Shake, Blue Mood, Tiger Eye


(approximate per day) 1200 cals • 120g carbs • 90g sugar • 32g protein • 28g fiber • 50g fat

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